Shooting The Northern Lights.

Shooting The Northern Lights.

I have lived in the North East of England for 23 years and I have never seen even a hint of the Northern Lights…until last night. I saw reports on Twitter of sightings as far south as Norfolk so at around 9pm I decided to climb the hill outside my house which overlooked the village to see if I could spot them for myself.  I was greeted with a barely visible faint green glow on the horizon. I set my camera up for a long exposure and to my surprise this is what I got (click the images to enlarge):


That’s Hexham to the left, Corbridge straight ahead and a satellite streaking across the sky for good measure.


I then moved in front of the trees so I could get the Village in my shot. Unfortunately I had given my sister my tripod to borrow for a trip of hers (typical), so I had to make do with a wall and the roof of my car.

The Aurora kept getting stronger and stronger. It was now easily visible with the naked eye.


All of the shots were taken at 30secs, f/4, ISO 1600.

Some red streaks started to show themselves. These are glowing particles higher in the atmosphere and are much rarer than the green glow.


Couldn’t resist a quick selfie.


The next 10 minutes were unbelievable. The sky just went crazy with red and green colours illuminating the whole of the northern sky.


DSC_0333DSC_0334DSC_0335It got better and better.


I managed to catch another couple of satellites passing in the shots above.


A car came up the hill as I was taking this one, which lights up the road nicely.



Eventually the Aurora started to fade again…


Until it was only really green light left.


DSC_0354It was an amazing sight and I was extremely lucky to be there when the Aurora was at its peak. It is probably a sight I won’t get to see again around these parts so I’m glad I was able to grab a few shots.